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The alternative is updating everything manually and doing so on your Mac, then on your phone and cloud services can be very time consuming.

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If you use SyncMate, you just need to connect your device to macOS and then choose exactly which data to sync. The entire process lastas a couple of minutes. A: Data transfer refers to the process of simply moving a piece of information from one device to the other.

Data transfer can be done between a computer, mobile devices or even cloud storage. With SyncMate, besides data transfer you get synchronization which is the process of equally updating data on each side of the transfer process. So you make sure that all devices get all the updated information at the same time.

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You can contact as many devices as you need, transforming your Mac into a veritable sync center. Without doubt, SyncMate is the only tool that offers a Sync Service to transfer data between Mac and other accounts or devices. With SyncMate you get two features in one tool - Mac data transfer and Mac data synchronization. Any device you connect to your Mac will be mounted as a Mac OS X disk and you can easily transfer and sync data.

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  • Safety is guaranteed when using SyncMate since all the data syncing is performed directly between the Mac and your connected device, no extra storage places used. If you want flexibility and functionality, SyncMate is the only app that offers you plenty of both.

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    No need to find several apps for different types of data when you want to sync between Mac and Android or other OS. Even more, SyncMate enables you to sync absolutely any type of data between supported devices and macOS. Olga Weis Sep 13, So what is SyncMate? Due to macOS limitations SyncMate only syncs with online Outlook accounts ; sync with desktop Outlook app for Mac is not supported at this time.

    Once the installation is complete, launch the application to display the main window.

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    Wizard will assist you, just make sure to click Microsoft Services button to choose Outlook. Note, that sync is performed between your Mac and Outlook online account.

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    Create a meeting or appointment. Outlook for Mac Help. You can click a day in the mini calendar to display that day in the main calendar view.

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