How to block websites on mac firefox

Block social media sites, adult content, or other sites you find disturbing.

Top 5 Free Chrome Website Blockers

Block sites in seconds to avoid procrastination and stay on target. Highly recommended for parents with young children.

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All stats are completely anonymous. If you have any questions regarding the functionality or you would like to put a feature request, please do it via email: support blocksite. As part of our service, Block Site maintains and updates a database of known sites with adult content.

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Each URL you visit is checked against this database, in case you want to block adult content. Additionally, Block Site receives and analyzes data about visited sites.

The data collected includes: visited URLs, your IP address, your operating system and the browser you are using, and the time stamp. The data collected is not used to identify individual users.

Mozilla's Firefox 59 can stop websites from spying on you - TechRepublic

In addition, the data collected is not shared with any third parties for the purposes of marketing or targeting individual users. Note that once you opt out, some of the services provided by BlockSite will no longer be available. How are you enjoying BlockSite? Log in to rate this extension.

Only Cold Turkey lets you block applications, the whole internet, and even your entire computer.

Not going completely Cold Turkey? No problem.

Firefox 66 arrives with autoplaying blocked by default, smoother scrolling, and better search

Limit distractions by adding pomodoro-style breaks or a daily time limit. You can also use exceptions to create a whitelist or get a friend to password protect your settings. See More Features. Toggle navigation.

Blocking cookies

The app and website blocker helps you focus and be more productive. Transform your computer into a typewriter that forces you to write. Only let yourself use applications you need for work.

How to disable or block advertisments on Websites {Mozilla Firefox]

Meet your match, Zuckerberg. Boost your productivity and reclaim your free time by blocking distracting websites, games and applications.