Revlon colorstay whipped color match to mac

Thanks for your sweet words about my swatches and reviews; lighting is everything, no?! Thank you for this!! I have the classic Colourstay in Warm Golden, and whilst I love its lasting power and its coverage, I do find it a tad too dark on my skin -- like you said, it's almost orange. If I mix it with my Clinique foundation, it compromise on the lasting power.


So recently I've been using them together - not mixed, but the lighter Clinique on the inner triangle of my face, the darker Colourstay on the other rim where most of my acne marks are read : chin acne and hence more coverage is needed anyway. The Clinique Super Balance is quite light on coverage, and does not last at all in the tropical climate where I live - after I'm done with this bottle I won't repurchase. The only reason I got it was for when my skin was breaking out pretty badly.

Been toying with the idea of buying the CS Whipped for awhile, especially with all the rave reviews online but hesitant about the shade. Sorry for the long post, I do find myself rambling on when it comes to make up stuff!

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Thank you! Hi Irene, My pleasure! If you are finding classic Colorstay in Warm Golden to be a bit dark, then I think that Colorstay Whipped in Warm Golden could be an excellent alternative. I much prefer the Whipped version anyway Please keep me posted on your experience Would you recomend a shade lighter than in the whipped creme foundation for nc20skin?

Hi Anon, Thanks for the question. In my experience, is very good for NC skin Hope that helps It seems to be a tad lighter. I'd like to go a shade darker, one with yellow undertones. Any suggestions would be appreciated : Cheers Julie. Hello Julie, That is a tough one because the next shade up is Nude and it doesn't really have yellow undertones!

The next shade beyond that does have yellow undertones is Warm Golden and it is what I wear in the summer and fall when I am a bit darker. I would suggest that, and if you have to mix the two as I do sometimes , at least you'll be able to control the depth and also maintain the right undertone. Hope that helps! Hi Beauty Professor, I discovered your blog today and have been looking at it for hours thanks for cheering up my day, I am in bed with a cold, but been having fun with your blog! I also am a foundation-a-holic, and wanted to recommend to you the Revlon Naked Foundation.

Have you tried it?

Until I tried this one, I hated drugstore foundations also! It's one of my favorites! I do hate the packaging, with no pump, however. Now I will have to try the Revlon Whipped foundation - thanks for the rec! Hello Ashley, Thanks for your comment! I am so glad you found your way to my blog and love that you share my passion for foundation ; I appreciate the mention of the Revlon Naked Foundation.

I haven't yet tried it but should so soon, based on your recommendation. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Colorstay Whipped! Hope your are feeling better now Beauty Professor- I have heard such great things about the Colorstay Whipped foundation and really want to try it. I'm having trouble picking the correct shade. I have found your site very helpful, but I still need clarification on the shades offered.

*WOW* How to Find Your Accurate Foundation Shade Match ft. REVLON COLORSTAY

Which shades have a yellow undertone-the ones that end in 00 for ex. I saw on another site that the Warm Golden has a pinkish undertone, so does that hold true that shades ending in 20 all have pinkish undertones. Can you clarify this.

How to Find Your Right Foundation Shade

Beauty Professor-I have found your site very helpful. I'm so excited to try the new Colorstay Whipped foundation, but I'm having trouble finding the correct shade. I want one that has a yellow undertone. I saw on another site that Warm Golden had a pinkish undertone and has a yellow undertone, so is it correct to say that shades that end in 00 have yellow undertones and shades ending in 20 have pink undertones?

Thanks for your help. It is the shade I wear in this formula when Warm Golden is too dark and I have yellow undertones!

I hope that helps! Happy to help Above: A Revlon menagerie The lasting power, flawless finish and kindness to my sensitive skin have made this foundation wondrous discovery for me. Although, for the past four months, Warm Golden proved to be a perfect match for my NC , my post-summer and fall skin found has lightened significantly, forcing me to find a paler option. In turn, after buying a bevy of options in both the Colorstay Whipped and traditional Colorstay foundation family thank goodness they are extremely affordable , I have settled on Sand Beige to deftly handle my late-winter skin.

This post reveals swatches of all of the Revlon shades I currently own I would classify these shades in the NCNC30 range. Scroll on for a copious amount of product images, swatches, and foundation on an un-retouched human face ;. Scroll on for shade descriptions Colorstay Whipped Creme is a light beige with yellow to neutral undertones NC Colorstay Foundation Golden Beige is a light to medium beige with golden yellow undertones NC It is clearly visible!

Sometimes wrong choice of foundation absolutely ruins your look from head to toe no matter how beautiful you are. I managed to move a milestone in my beauty quotient this time not backwards! I am in love with this foundation since the day I purchased it and I have been moving around swiftly to promote this foundation to my friends.

Trust me! I do not have any deal with MAC for doing this. It is just that I have experienced the best results through this foundation and I am considering this post as a platform to express my contentment to all lovable ladies out here. When I first entered the store they immediately got me the Matchmaster foundation looking at my skin tone. And to my surprise I purchased it in the first go without taking a second chance. However I was on cloud nine when I came to know that it is an award winning foundation and most of our favorite Bollywood Stars are patched up to this foundation as it gave them the best results on screen.

It creates a positive feeling to know that MAC uses Shade Intelligence Technology to introduce a wide range of customized shades which gives the best coverage with sun protection. The only task from your end is to seek expert MUAs in the MAC store for getting you the right foundation that suites your skin tone.

Make sure that you never choose the wrong shade for it might leave you an unhappy experience which is purely a blunder. I was confused between 3. The best thing about MAC foundations is that it blends with your skin tone no matter which shade you fall under. When I apply it on my face, it gives me a semi-matte finish and covers all my pores instantly.

There is no cakey layer or any flakes caused due to this foundation and it lasts for almost 8 hours a day. Sometimes I find it necessary to wear an extra layer as I generally pump a little for the first time. A little touch up with the powder is necessary for the foundation to obtain a perfect finish. As you can see below, there is very slight difference with my ordinary skin and post the foundation application the latter seems to be brighter.

Both look natural and people often mistake that latter is my original color, I consider this as a victory from my end. Take a closer look at both the photos especially the neck region in the second photo to identify the slightest difference for it has blended very well with my skin tone. The slight white cast you see is because of the flash since it has spf in it. Firstly I am bad with caps; I tend to lose it most of the times.

But this kind of packaging really impressed me as there is no scope for the caps being lost and also you can control the quantity of foundation used when you pump it. This means of packaging assures that your foundation is going to last longer than usual. I am yet to purchase a professional foundation brush however the sponge that is right down here helps me with a good blending when you actually swipe it in a circular motion.

So I asked the person to bill it and he came up with this reply — Rs. I was like, Whattttt?

♥Foundation: REVLON Colorstay Whipped♥

That moment I was little hesitant and slightly embarrassed too thinking of the situation how it would appear if I withdraw the purchase right away. On a serious note, the price gives us a little thought right up there on our minds for not many will be able to afford it. But if you seriously wish to experience a high-end product at-least once in your life then you must definitely take a look at this product. It is worth every penny. The texture is smooth and buildable and lasts all day. The coverage is medium and looks extremely natural.