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If I had to take a guess based on my experience, about one half of hard drives fail before your computer is obsolete. But there is a really good chance that it will save my life or reduce an injury at some point so I do it. Backups protect your data and help you get back to work more quickly if your Mac is lost, stolen, dropped on the floor, caught in a fire, soaked by a broken pipe, or compromised by malicious hackers.

Why at least two backups?

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Backups fail, too. I always recommend Time Machine as your primary backup.

What Device to Use

Set it and forget it. Apple has been making backups easier since by including the Time Machine backup software with their Mac system software. It will create versioned backups every hour , which contain multiple copies of each file as it changes over time.

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With versioned backups, you can restore a lost or damaged file to its most recent state, or to a previous state. Time Machine also enables you to restore an entire drive, which you might do if you have to reformat or replace your drive or if a system upgrade breaks your computer.

Time Machine Tutorial: Back Up Your Mac

Do not confuse Time Machine with Time Capsule. Time Machine is the software on your Mac that will back up to any drive. Time Capsule is an all-in-one router, wifi, and backup drive that Apple sells to make backing up portable computers easier.

Backing up to multiple Time Machine drives

Drive Wipe Erase storage devices data securely without leaving any traces. Want to have a single Time Machine backup for your multiple Mac devices? Here it is. A guide on how to set up multiple Macs to a hard drive for Time Machine backup. First connect the hard drive that you want to act a Time Machine focal point.

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This should preferably be a desktop connected to your home network through Ethernet. Wi-Fi is also good, but the number of backup files moving across even the fastest and latest Wi-Fi will slow down other network connectivity.

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Secondly, your external hard drives should be formatted accordingly for Time Machine. Now, you have to configure Time Machine to utilize this external drive. For that you have to enable file sharing on your Mac.

Follow the below mentioned steps on every Mac that you intend to back up to target Mac external drive:. Would it be advantagious to make this a bootable drive or can a Time Machine backup even bootable? Yes, you all sound smart, get over yourself. In no place did the author of this article say this was an ideal solution. Having things backed up in more than one place is smart, yes. But is partitioning a backup drive to use for Time Machine an option? Of course it is. That is what Time Machine is made to do, and this article states how to do it.

How to Back Up Your Computer

Robert; No need to be snide. The article presents using a single drive as a viable backup option, even if it also discusses external drives. The point some of us have made is that using one drive — even if partitioned — for both data and Time machine is inadvisable. Physical disks fail. If such a partitioned disk failed, you would have no data and no time machine backup either. That is not something I would ever do or advise anyone to do. I am sorry, while this is a decent article explaining how things work and how to do things, the actual advice of using a single drive is dangerous.

I wrote a post about that topic at: blog. A comment I added there explains how much more I have added to the layers of redundancy to feel barely adequately backed up. Comments welcome. Sorry but I disagree with this advice. With disk storage inexpensive this is not the ideal way to protect yourself.

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Drives fail.