Windows 7 mac formatted usb drive

Why Can’t Windows Read Mac Drives?

Every computer systems like Windows, Mac and electronic devices like ATM, smartphones make use of file system that may vary depending on the system. It is also worth noting that you will be needing the Java runtime environment in order to make use of HFS Explorer.

Download and install HFS Explorer here. Now go to start and type HFS Explorer.

Click on the HFS Explorer app. This will display a prompt window to install the Java runtime environment.

windows 7 - How do I format a usb drive on a PC that was formatted on a Mac? - Super User

Accept the defaults and the installation should be painless. Plug the drive in using a SATA connector.

Since the program was installed Windows will find new hardware and install the needed driver. The installation will put a shortcut for just this purpose in your start menu.

What are my options?

In the dropdown of the detected devices you may have to select different devices until it loads the HFS plus filesystem. Click Load.

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At this point you can now get to the files and extract them to the hard drive of the Windows system. Click the Partition button in Disk Utility's main window. You can use this and still share FAT32 volumes with a PC, but if you'll primarily be using the drive with Windows, and if the full capacity of the drive doesn't exceed 2TB, the wiser course is to wipe the drive and then use Windows' Master Boot Record MBR partition scheme.

Reading Mac formatted HFS+ Drive on Windows

Establishing the partition layout. Click the Partition Layout drop-down menu in Disk Utility, and select the number of partitions you want to create. By default, Disk Utility will divide the available space in half. You can resize the partitions by clicking the line between the partitions and dragging it up or down to increase or decrease the capacity of one or the other side.

How to View Mac Files on a Windows PC

Click on whichever partition segment you want to format as FAT Type a name for that partition in the Name field and choose the FAT32 option from the Format drop-down menu. Once everything is arranged as you want it, click apply. A progress bar will appear at the bottom right of the window as Disk Utility creates the requested partitions. Once it finishes creating them, you can move the drive between Macs and Windows PCs, and move files back and forth easily.