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It's a Mac not a MAC. Acquisition is very good indeed. SoulseeX is the way to go; my sense is it's the most popular of the Soulseek clients for the Mac. The interface is a bit of a beast, yes, but you'll get used to it soon enough. The developer's site is here.


He was hired by the Soulseek people recently, it appears. SolarSeek is a bit buggy, but the interface is better a lot fewer windows for one thing than SoulseeX. The only other alternative I know of is Nicotine , but it requires X11 installed and that way lies madness. Acquistion is ok for a Limewire client, but I've found far more interesting stuff on the Soulseek network. I just run soulseek in xp through parallels, personally.

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Plus why the hell did they design it to run in 5 separate windows?! I use Soulseex - the interface isn't that bad, and it gets all the music I need.

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Limewire and Acquisition are not substitutes for Soulseek. They run on a different network and will not get the same quality results you'll get from Soulseek. They are good for the occasional odd single mp3, but if you were using Soulseek to grab whole albums, don't even bother. I haven't found a good replacement for Soulseek on the Mac, but I will implore you to give Bit Torrent another try.

SoleSeek Free Download

Apr 24, 12 0 Northwest England. I'd like to know this too, is Solarseek not worth bothering with then? May 15, 9 0 Califonya. Another one is ssX or soulseex. It always worked well for me. I can't figure out how to install Nicotine, but I guess that's the slightly more advanced soulseek client for Mac, Edit: that download link didn't work.

Download FLAC songs for FREE using Soulseek Qt (Simple tutorial)

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New to Mac - Soulseek Alternative?

Old thread, but now there is SoulseekQT. NightlyBuild macrumors newbie. Oct 17, 1 0. I tried SolarSeek and didn't like it. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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